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Παρασκευή, 19 Μαΐου 2017 10:55

Win for YOU! (English version)

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Most people have heard of the expression Win - Win. I have even written an article about this highly successful frame of mind that i abide by for years in the field of professionally selling. Lately though, in the Greek market in all its stressed environment, I have started to notice a peculiar new attitude from my clients and prospects. It is the lack of patience from them in the Win - Win frame of mind and their turn to the Win For Me frame of mind. 
It is more and more obvious that the masks have fallen and when you talk to your prospect and have him realize the this is a win win situation for both of you he doesn't like it! He feels he would be much better of if he was the only one winning, or if the competition was losing. This situation is best described with the Greek phrase "May my neighbors goat drop dead." 
How to deal with it.
First of all you must not take it personally. Business in Greece today is an extreme sport and not everyone has the patience for it (nor the guts for that matter). You must understand that when talking to the businessman and show him from early on HIS benefits from your product or service and to those whom you understand (from the DISC profiling) that is needed show them the PROBLEMS the competition will have from his buy. 
Give a solution for his problems, a medicine for his illness, by understanding that he works in a highly pressurized environment. Make the effort to communicate to him very clearly that you are here for his benefit. It is with this way that he will also not misunderstand you passion in helping him buy with pressure during the sale.  
Good luck!
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Yiannis Miliatsis

Founder of Everything sales and crossfit! Just keep on bringing coffee!


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